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The Ultimate Police Fitness Prep Program

The Do It On Your Own Plan To Transform Your Police Fitness

Direct Download and Performance Course Now For Just $499.97

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Over the next weeks you will have a fitness plans that is designed to progress with you as your fitness develops.

Designed to be able to do over and over so you never need to worry about another fitness plan during your prep.

Everything you need to know and do to progress and improve your running, push ups and gym work. The schedule, the reps and set and how many days a week.

Preparation for all 4 NZ PAT tests (Physical Appraisal Test or General Police Fitness Testing) From day one you start preparing for the run, push-ups, static jump and grip test. Every exercise is specifically chosen to prepare you for the fitness test required to join the Police. Drop minutes off your run and increase your push-ups up to double.

Worried about the PCT (Physical Competency Test or Obstacle Course) at college? Parts of the program are designed to not just build strength, fitness and preparation for the PAT but also build upper body strength for the obstacles you will encounter when doing the PCT at Police College

This fitness Program I used to be the body guard for the New Zealand Prime Minister. I used this to develop my fitness to go on to be fast and strong enough to Join the Police Protection team looking after the New Zealand Prime Minister.

Even if you don't wish to join the Police but wish to become Police Fit, or you are just looking to develop your fitness, start running, build upper body strength or just want to know what it's like to train like a Police Officer this will be a great challenge.

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What's Included in Your Fitness Plan

Running Breakdown

In your plan you will have an exact breakdown of what to do each day to increase your running ability and decrease your minute per kilometre pace.

WORTH $$49.95

Gym Strength Exercises 

To be able to be pass all aspects of your Police Fitness testing you need to build some strength. In your plan you will be given the exact excersises to perform in the gym to build overall full body strength. Increase push-ups, static jump, grip strength and speed.

WORTH $49.97

Day to Day Schedule Breakdown

In your plan you not only will be shown the exercises but also the exact days to perform them, the reps and sets and what to progress to.

WORTH $49.97


Running Breakdown
$49.97 Value
Gym Strength Exercise
$49.97 Value
Day to Day Schedule and Routine
$49.97 Value
Mastering Police Life Performance Program
$997.97 Value
Lifetime Access to Training Plan
$1194 Value

Only $499.97 Today

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

We don't post photos or real names for security reasons.

Hannah T

Chris gives you more than just a fitness plan.

 He gives you a new outlook and helps turn those negatives into positives. In addition, you meet new people and make new friends. I reached goals I thought I never would and that's thanks to Chris.


It’s crazy how different my mindset is!

Just finished up a run and it’s crazy how different my mindset is and how much more enjoyable running has been since starting this challenge.


I feel much more prepared to take on the challenge of the NZ Police.

The calls were definitely a highlight. After them, you feel extremely motivated and even if its 9:30pm at night, I would jump in my car and hit the gym.


The tools Chris and his programs offer are endless

Not only did I achieve my fitness goals to pass the tests (new ones are set now!) but the advice from Chris and the members when it came to academics and the formal interview helped me more than I thought I needed, ensuring I passed each stage as this is it, plan A / the end goal.

Meet Your Trainer

Chris Chandler-Yates is New Zealand's #1 Police Mindset Preparation Coach. He's a qualified NLP practitioner, performance coach and personal trainer. Chris is passionate about inspiring people to take control of their opportunities and live life on their own terms.

In 2017, after a career as a NZ Police Officer, that culminated in VIP protection, he realised that he wasn’t fulfilled in the way he needed and so, made a massive life shift. After diving into self-development and realising his greater purpose, for the past two years, he’s worked with 100+ future police officers on becoming prepared for the job and the best version of themselves they can be.

An Overview For You:

We created The Ultimate Police Fitness Plan with one purpose in mind. "To help people have the perfect knowledge and plan for success". Over the past half-decade, we've supplied the ultimate plan to hundreds of people through this amazing plan we can confidently say that we have successfully helped 99.9% of those following the plan:

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Normally $1194


We don't post photos or real names for security reasons.


Trust the process!

 I was at my initial medical and was sitting at a run time of 14:38. I've now finished the program and I'm sitting around 12:50.


This program is the bomb!

This program is the bomb, straight on point, the best decision I've ever made. It made me face my own demons and improve my physical training. It made me see situations and other things differently. Thanks again Chris for your program, it's helped me become a better person and prepared me more in becoming a Police Officer.


I've been finding self motivation which is fabulous!

I've actually been able to push myself and gain a lot of distance that I've never been able to achieve before! Just by following the program I gained a better time of 17:25 from 22:37 for my 2.4km which is slowly improving every month. Thank you so much!


I encourage you to take part and even invite your friends along.

With the help of Chris and keeping track of my progress, I achieved something I thought wasn't going to be possible when I have my test on the 11th November.


What If I am just starting out?

The program is designed so you can start at any level and continually improve using it.

How long will I Have access to the materials?

Once you purchase your plan you you will be able to download it as a PDF and therefor have it for life. You will be emailed an access login and password to gain access to Mastering Police Life Course and have access for life so long as the program is available.

What if I don't have a Gym Membership?

The program shows you what to do in the gym but if you don't have a gym membership just get in touch and we will advices some alterations.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

Just like anything in life you are allowed to go at whatever pace you wish to go at. At Knocking Demon Fitness we recommend that you start the program and finish till the end and then repeat it as that is how its designed.

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