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Pass Your Police Fitness Test in 90 Days or Less with Police Fitness Prep: No Endless Running or Gruelling Workouts Required

Yes, I want in



Trust the process!

I was at my initial medical and was sitting at a run time of 14:38. I've now finished the program and I'm sitting around 12:50.


This program is the bomb!

This program is the bomb, straight on point, the best decision I've ever made. It made me face my own demons and improve my physical training. It made me see situations and other things differently. Thanks again Chris for your program, it's helped me become a better person and prepared me more in becoming a Police Officer.


I've been finding self motivation which is fabulous!

I've actually been able to push myself and gain a lot of distance that I've never been able to achieve before! Just by following the program I gained a better time of 17:25 from 22:37 for my 2.4km which is slowly improving every month. Thank you so much!


I encourage you to take part and even invite your friends along.

With the help of Chris and keeping track of my progress, I achieved something I thought wasn't going to be possible when I have my test on the 11th November.